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Spun – Theme Compatibility

Spun Theme

All bbPress forums and BuddyPress components are rendered squished 200px floated to the left of the screen using the Spun theme. It’s because the theme styles the single column Pages using the “.page #primary” selector and the “page” body class is missing in all bbPress and BuddyPress pages. We need to add back the “page” body class for all bbPress and BuddyPress component pages by inserting the following at the bottom of the theme’s functions.php file

// Add Back page body class when bbPress and BuddyPress are active
function mme_addback_page_body_class($classes){
	if( is_bbpress() || is_buddypress() )
		return $classes;


1. Need to remove list-styles in bbPress and BuddyPress components
2. Need to make a note of the script above since functions.php file will be overwritten when theme is updated.

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